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Every few years I produce a New Zealand specific trucking DVD - The Truck Files, which is up to its 6th edition with this latest one.

Titled Earth, Wind and Tyres - this DVD is a compilation of some of the more significant trucks that have gone to work over the last couple of years, as well taking a look at back-country trucking in places most of us will never get to visit.

Go to this link to find out a bit more about the DVD

This is a snap shot of our industry and will make a great present to yourself or other truckers or people with an interest in the industry.

The aim is to showcase the industry, the landscapes and some of the people involved in road transport in this country.

 NZ Trucking Magazine and Allied Petroleum have helped with some of the production costs and we aim to start producing these on a more regular basis now that technology is allowing the process to become quicker and cheaper so watch this site for new initiatives next year!

We'll be asking you what you'd like to see, and how you'd like to see it so we can get more trucking Kiwi trucking content out there.



Clip of the week...

We were in Eskhead Station up behind the Hurunui River in North Canterbury with Hilton Fletcher and his new International 9800i Eagle a few days ago, to grab a load of Merinos from the station.

Hilton's Eagle is a stunning rig and his operation does a lot of work in this rugged back-country. This clip is coming off the top of Jack's headed in, and a Nor'westerlie was fast building.....

This is the first of the new model with the Pro Sleeper cab to go to work in the country and its a big rig to take into this type of tight country....

More on this combination and company will follow....

We've been in the bush with the SML crew in Canterbury.

Here's a bit of on-road footage of Steve and Graeme's T408's on the move earlier this week.

A few clips of Satherley Logging's new T659 'GAME OVER' at work in the bush not far from its home base of Napier.

It runs a ISXe5 Cummins, and the big eight-wheeler  has Lance Wichman behind the wheel, and he's loving his new mount....

The notorious Waitaki Bridges are currently being replaced by a new - and long overdue - bridge, and Rooney's Mercedes-Benz Axor's are one of the main tools being used on the job.

You North Islanders have no idea of how lucky we are down South to have such good bridging infrastructure....it's as rickety as it looks...

Here's a glimpse of Fulton Hogan's new MercedesBenz SLT heavy haul tractor at work in the Central South Island.

The Fulton Heavy Haulage team were pulling a load too heavy to do down SH1 from Timaru to Invercargill, and had to go over the Lindis Pass, then over the Clyde Dam and down into Southland.

Videos and Pix from the VAULT...

Finding those now historic pix of  Higgins R-Series - makes me wish digital video technology was around when I was working on the Clyde Dam project so I thought I'd keep the Mack iron hot by showing this compilation of Macks caught at work around New Zealand starting with Road Metal's Murray Francis recording their Macks at work during the think-big era through to Vern Higgins mighty Titan at work in the Kaingaroa.

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