I'm on a mission to save as much old 8mm and 16mm footage pertaining to our industry as I can.

What we save will be uploaded to this site, for the industry to see. It's expensive to convert film-stock to digital, however - it needs to be done before more valuable history ends up in the tip.

The same applies to old photos. Click on the Photos-early menu at the the top of the page to see the genesis of where I want to go with this. Again - I just want to save this material from the dump, and create an archive that everyone can contribute to and search.

The managing director of Road Metals (formerly North Otago Road Metals (NORM)), Murray Francis,  shot this material when he was driving - and its a great example of what I want to save and have displayed for the industry to view.

The big picture...

From now on, I'm scaling back my involvement with the print media and writing for trucking magazines in order to concentrate more on videoing the industry - and making mini-documentaries about the people, the equipment and the environment our industry works in as time and resources allow.

I've already got a body of work built up from the TRUCK FILES series of dvds, most of which is on show in this site.

Click on the 'Back Country' menu tab to see some of the chapters or material pertaining to some of our unique operating environments.

Looking back

Back in time....

Something for you guys that appreciate the sound of hard working 'Jimmy' or old Cummins and like trucks from the sixties and seventies.

This clip is an assemblage of all the trucks that were on the run to commemorate one of the earliest Kenworth's to work in New Zealand - Steptoe, which has been restored and is now owned by Ian Storey.

Historic Mack Attack...

For those who prefer Mack gear - here is a short compilation of Macks caught at work around New Zealand starting with Road Metal's Murray Francis recording their Macks at work during the think-big era through to Vern Higgins mighty Titan at work in the Kaingaroa.

About - a show reel


Summerland in winter

Green Ivy heading north to Christchurch through the snow and ice of the big freeze late June, with temps reaching -20c.

T909 over the Wairau

Andrew Harnett and his Daniel Smith Industries' T909 heading up to Picton on the inland route through the Wairau Valley with a load too large to take up the Kaikoura coast. This is a well worn route for this rig...

Click on this line for more on this truck.

Country meets ...tourists

The Tekapo sheep sale held on Feb 28th dragged in trucks from all over Canterbury, with Barwood Motors, Hobbs & Banks, Cheviot, Rural, Temuka, GVT and others turning up at the iconic tourist village for the sale.

Surrounded by the Tekapo village, and overlooking Lake Tekapo, this sale is almost unique in that the sale yards haven't been run out of town, and the sight of all this class hardware pulling into the dusty paddock surrounded by high-dollar holdiay homes had all the tourists running for their cameras.

Thanks to Barwood Motors, with Stuart and Shannon pointing me in the right direction to get some early morning footage in the back-country.

Lake Coleridge 100-years of power

One of the biggest gathering of traction engines seen for some time that gathered to mark their contribution 100 years ago to the building of the Lake Coleridge Hydroelectric Power Station.

More photos and info here

New video and photographic material illustrating the current trucking fleet are continually being added to these pages.

I specialise in capturing the seldom seen side of the industry, such as the Fulton Hogan SLT Heavy Haul clip below.

If you've got a special shift, or back-country haul that deserves to be recorded for posterity - click here to contact me.  

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